Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry has become more mainstream over the last few years. It involves the treatment and diagnosis of various sports-related dental injuries. Our doctors and team are considered experts in sports-related dental injuries and the prevention of them.

It encompasses the fabrication of custom fit mouthguards. These have been shown to protect the teeth and help prevent concussions during sports-related activities.

Our office in Delray Beach, Florida, is proud to be the Team Dentist for Florida Atlantic University and the US Olympic Team. Dr. Staller is a Fellow in the International Academy for Sports Dentistry and spends time with various sports teams.

Dr. Staller has been an integral part of the FAU Football program. He is one of the original founders of the football program and believed in the importance of collegiate sports before there was even a football at the University. Since then, he has been a mentor to many student-athletes and is often on the sidelines of games.