Specialty Dentistry

At Advanced Dentistry South Florida, we believe the doctor that is best suited to do a particular procedure should be the doctor that completes a procedure. Therefore, our general dentists work alongside our dental specialists to provide the best care possible for patients.

all on four dental implants

Types of Specialty Dental Services

There are many types of procedures our dental specialists perform- from simple to complex, each patient receives expert care from our dental specialists. Some of the procedures the dental specialists perform are:

Dental Specialists

Our dental specialists are very well versed in their specialty. These doctors specialize in just their area of expertise.

  • The Endodontist specializes in Root Canal Therapy Treatment, Botox and Fillers
  • The Oral Surgeons specialize in various types of Oral Surgery including simple extractions, surgical extractions, wisdom teeth removal, placement of dental implants, and removal of abscess.