Conscious IV Sedation

Most people who frequent the dentist will probably tell you that there’s nothing to fear because a good percentage of dental procedures have been known to be pain free. Although there have been huge advancements in dental technology and the way we practice dentistry, there are still numerous people who suffer from dental anxiety and the fear of visiting the dentist. One common option for those who suffer from dental anxiety is IV sedation, or Intravenous Sedation.

What is IV Sedation?

As stated above, it is short for intravenous sedation, which is commonly known as sleep dentistry. However, sleep has nothing to do with it and we do not practice this in our Delray Beach dental practice. Our patients who choose this sedation option will not be put to sleep at all. You are conscious throughout the whole dental procedure with the ability to communicate back and forth effectively with your dentist.

What Are the Benefits of IV Sedation?

The obvious benefit is that it will relax a dental patient who may have dental anxiety or fear. IV sedation is a popular choice among those who have anxiety because it is a deeper sedation than oral sedation or nitrous oxide, and there is virtually no pain. There are also quite a few patients who have more of a gag reflex than others. If a patient has a gag reflex, the use of IV sedation helps to diminish it. There are many cases where patients have reported forgetting the whole dental experience after using this sedation method. If that sounds good to you, ask your dental professional today if it is recommended next time you visit.

Will I Sleep During IV Sedation?

Contrary to popular belief, IV sedation is not sleep dentistry. It is a conscious sedation technique offered to those patients who fear the dentist or believe they may be too anxious during a dental procedure. You may forget all about the procedure, but you most certainly will not be asleep.

Does IV Sedation Hurt?

The whole point of sedation is to help diminish your anxiety and fear of dentistry. However, because each patient is unique and there are various levels of pain tolerance to needles, a patient may experience a slight pinch in the beginning. Because of the deep state of relaxation (NOT sleep!) and partial or full memory loss (amnesia), most patients will not recollect the entire dental procedure, let alone the first insertion of the needle.

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